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You will find here some links to the personal pages of my friends.

  1. Sophie Guilbert is a talented illustrator and also a friend:
    Sophie Guilbert
    Sophie Guilbert
  2. Matthieu Angelini is a friend too. Allright, but he is first of all a 3D artist, who present you his production on his english speaking blog:
    Matthieu Angelini
    Matthieu Angelini
  3. Jean-François Babadjian is a post-doctoral associate in Grenoble (France). His whole website is in English:
    Jean-François Babadjian
  4. Grégory Wajs is an engineer. He is also a warf… What is a warf? To understand, go to his site:
    Grégory Wajs
    Grégory Wajs
  5. Damien Jadeau is also an engineer. He has got a sympathic site:
    Damien Jadeau
  6. To introduce Fabien Niñoles is something difficult, because he is doing so many different things. The better is to go to “The Raven’s homepage,” which will lead you to many websites presenting is work:
    The Raven’s homepage
  7. On his blog, Rolly publishes some of his texts:
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