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You may have heard about it. Perhaps have you caught a sight of it, by using the varied services of the Internet. Anyway, you have found here the part of the web where this strange creature, sometimes named The Spacial Sprite, stays: I am this creature!

On this site, you will find out my own creations: musics, painting, texts, videos (coming soon). Well, at least what I think can be shown. I will regularly upload it, as I will produce new stuff, so come here from time to time. You can also find here my resume.

On Earth, I pretend to be a Ph.D. candidate. I maintain an homepage on which I present my research topics:

Have a good journey into the products of my disordered mind. I hope you will not get lost!


To help the hard of viewing to acces this site, you can choose three different styles: standard, highly contrasted (text fonts are also bigger) and no style at all.

Unless you read to the contrary, I authorise (and actually encourage) you to reproduce and diffuse everything that is on this site if you attribute the work, do not earn any money with, do not alter, transform or build upon this work and make clear to others the licence terms of the work. This correspond to the Creative Commons – Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivs licence. For any commercial purposes or making derived products, e-mail me.

The drawing of The Spacial Sprite on the site’s captions, on the gallery and used for the lists is the propriety of Chloé Gaubert, all the others works available on this site are the propriety of Yoann Le Bars. I am using the juridical services of the site By clicking on the stamp on the end of each page of this site, you will consult the public declaration.

For the foundations of this site, I have used the first special issue of the Linux Pratique magazine, edited by Diamond Editions on June-July 2005.

The last update of this site was made on March 15th, 2008.

This site has passed the W3C validation : it is conformable to the XHTML 1.0 strict format. However, if you have got any problem, e-mail me. You can send me any remarks or suggestions too.

By the way, I like to receive any feedback. So, do not hesitate to e-mail me, I am in the habit to answer back.


I wish to thank Chloé Gaubert for drawing a portrait of The Spacial Sprite.

I wish to thank Thierry Vaillot for letting me put on this site my version of one of his own composition.

I wish to thank François Sansot for his juridical advice.

I wish to thank Bénédicte Gourgue for having scanned the volcano painting.

I wish to thank Sophie Guilbert for having scanned the portrait of The Spacial Sprite and giving me technical advice.

I wish to thank Yannick Barreyre for having scan all the other pictures.

I wish to thank Bertrand Vuarnesson for having shown me

I wish to thank Virgine and Jérémie Wajs for having helped me to translate this site in English.

I wish to thank Matthieu Angelini for his technical help.

I wish to thank Marie Clapier for having helped me to translate this site in English.

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