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Game is something serious, so here there are some links to have serious fun.

  1. The association Rêves de Jeux is specialized into ludic animation:
    Rêves de Jeux
    Rêves de Jeux
  2. “Rêve de Dragon” means “dream of dragon” and it is the name of a fantasy roleplaying game, in which everything is just a dream of dragons. “Le guerrier sorde” (which can be translated into something like “the sordial warrior”) propose you to discover this world:
    Le Guerrier Sorde
  3. “Hurlements” means “howling,” and it is the name of a game which propose you to travel into France during the medieval period, by playing a strange tumbler who can turn into an animal:
    Hurlements, le jeu de l’initié
  4. Agone is a game based on the universe created by Mathieu Gaborit in “les chroniques des crépusculaires” (which can be translated into something like “the chronicles of the twilights”). “Le souffre-jour” (“the suffering daylight”) let you dive into it:
    Le souffre-jour
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