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You will find here some links to personal homepage of artists, portal, many sites talking about any cultural stuff I like: literature, fine art, music, cinema, entertainment art, and so on.

  1. is a site where abound musics under free licences. The global quality is amazing. An English version is available:
  2. The site of the association Chasseurs de Rêves is an excellent portal to imaginary cultures:
    Chasseurs de Rêves
    Chasseurs de Rêves
  3. My artistical fencing company, Les Compagnons du Grand Veneur. An English version will be available soon:
    Les Compagnons du Grand Veneur
    Les Compagnons du Grand Veneur
  4. Sophie Guilbert is a talented illustrator and also a friend:
    Sophie Guilbert
    Sophie Guilbert
  5. Matthieu Angelini is a friend too. Allright, but he is first of all a 3D artist, who present you his production on his english speaking blog:
    Matthieu Angelini
    Matthieu Angelini
  6. Imago is a little movie done by 3D animation students. Well realized, a very good animation and a bit weird. The site is only in french but the movie got no words, but only a beautiful music. I encourage you to discover it:
  7. Bertrand Vuarnesson makes some strange woody creatures, which you can see here (all texts are in French but the website mostly shows photographs so you can consult it without understand French):
    Bertrand Vuarnesson
  8. Hùrlak is a jazz quartet started by Thierry Vaillot and highly influence by gipsy swing:
  9. “Les ateliers du saule” means “workshop of the willow.” This workshop make high quality costumes, as you can see on this website:
    Ateliers du saule
  10. L’Oulipo, what is it? L’OUvroir de LIttérature POtentielle — do not ask me to translate it! What is that? A group of authors, founded by Raymond Queneau and François le Lionnais. What more? So many! The best you have to do is to visit it:
  11. A very great version of Wayne Shorter’s tune Footprints. Featuring : melody poet Wayne Shorter on tenor saxophone, harmony painter Herbie Hancock on piano and synthetiser, counter-singing teaser Stanley Clarke on double bass, and, last but not least, poly-rhythm caresser Omar Hakim on drums. It was on 1991, during the Montreux jazz festival. Simple but sophisticated, 14 minutes and 56 seconds of pure happiness:
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