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Mignon tout plein !

D’après “Les Feuilles Mortes” de Vladimir Kosma

This title means : “So cute! From ‘Autumn Leaves’ by Vladimir Kosma.” It is a re-arrangement inspired by John Coltrane and Antonio Carlos Jobim of the well-known standard. The result is just as the title says…

This version is not so bad but I found it too much prudent. Ones more, it will be good if I can rerecord it with real musicians.

Copyright © 2006 Yoann Le Bars

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Est-il si merveilleux ?

D’après “What A Wonderful World” de George David Weiss et Bob Thiele

This title means “Is it so wonderful? From ‘What A Wonderful World’ by George David Weiss and Bob Thiele.” This re-arrangement of the well-known standard popularized by Louis Armstrong is some kind of joke, but it makes me laugh!

Copyright © 2006 Yoann Le Bars

ogg version mp3 version

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