The lair of the sprite

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In this piece, the harmony hesitates between three modes and the rhythm do not knows what to choose: binary or ternary?

I am not totally satisfy by this version, mainly by the introduction. I have to rerecord it with real musicians.

Copyright © 2006 Yoann Le Bars

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Le plafond

en hommage à mon voisin du dessus

The title means: “the ceiling, a tribute to my neighbour.”

This piece had been composed as a reaction. To who, to what? Never mind: you just have to know that it is a reaction.

I quite like this version but I wanted to do something more noisy. As ever, it would be a good if…

Copyright © 2006 Yoann Le Bars

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With this piece, I have try to make something that sounds like simply but is really sophisticated. Not totally satisfy by the result, I finally became found of it.

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